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"If we can see past the fear, we find out what really matters. And we learn that sometimes, the things that set us apart can also bring us together. Because family is what we make it. Each one of us. Together." (From Netflix series Sweet Tooth)

Even if you are not experienced in paper crafting or DIY projects, this paper activity will be worth the effort. This new deer antlers headband is inspired by Gus's character from the Netflix version of Sweet Tooth comic book.

The headband consists of a digital downloadable with templates to print on cardboard, then cut, fold and glue, in addition to personalizing it by decorating it according to your own style and taste. Insert a headband and will be ready to wear and cosplay to become a hybrid yourself! This is an original and exclusive design by Lucas Papel Tijera.

This headband is more than a craft project. You will create a 3d / low-poly headpiece that everybody will love. Ideal for parties, cosplay, carnivals, or just for fun!

The instructions contain detailed and step-by-step information to achieve excellent results. You will need a printer and cardstock to build the design. If you do not have access to letter-size (or A4) cardboard, you can print it on bond paper and then paste it on the desired cardboard or re-use cardboard boxes. The finished model has dimensions of approximately 26cm wide by 22cm high, and it fits perfectly on the heads of children, adolescents, and most adults.

To complete the design, you must have the following materials:

  • Access to a letter or A4 size printer.
  • 3 sheets of cardboard to print the templates, between 150 and 250gsm (conventional sheets are 75gsm) in letter or A4 size. If your printer doesn't allow printing on cardstock, print it on office paper and paste it on a cardboard preference (can be in a re-use carton)
  • Scissors or cutter-type blade and ruler.
  • To fold the pieces, we recommend a blunt object that allows us to mark the cardboard and facilitates the folding, as it is a pen without ink. We use a dull knife or "bone folder".
  • Glue or adhesive for joining tabs and assembling the parts. You can use white school glue or quick-drying non-toxic glue for constructing the crown. A glue gun works well. Double-sided tape is also recommended as it is easy to handle and has no curing time.
  • A conventional plastic headband

    This design creates a unique family activity: build a paper wearable with the little ones while sharing time together. This is our reason for being and motivates every design idea. 

    Experiment with materials and finishes to give a personal style to the design, and please, share your creation with us! Enjoy making and sharing time together.

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      Both our 2D templates and 3D designs are protected by copyright law, and are intended for personal use only. Use this file to make as many models as you like for yourself but please don’t share or steal the designs or templates - there was a lot of work involved in creating them. If you want to use them for any other reason then please get in touch. 


      • The files are protected by copyright and are not to be shared or distributed in any way.
      • The templates and completed models are for personal use only.
      • The model and templates will not be used for commercial purposes without prior consent.
      • Selling items made from our templates is prohibited.
      • The designs are a personal craft project - please do not use them for profit.

      If you have any other questions - send us a message. For more information about our Terms and Conditions, please visit our T&C page.

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