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Making things together

Creating things together is a great way to spend quality time with the family. Parents and children can detach themselves from screens to enjoy the enriching experience of creative manufacturing. Even if you've never done anything with your own hands, this collection of easy-to-build products with excellent design and aesthetics will offer you a perfect opportunity to spend time with children. Together we can transform the ordinary into extraordinary Encourage the little ones to take the first steps into the world of creation and creativity.


We are Esteban and Lucas Castro. Lucas, like many 5-year-old kid, is a fan of dinosaurs and drawing, luckily much more so than he is of commercial TV characters. Last year he wanted a dinosaur costume for an activity in his class. Due to my training in architecture, I wanted to help find a different, geometric and outstanding option, (typical of architects)  to do at home. There are several options available on internet for downloadable templates, so we looked for many options and I decided to buy the one he liked the most and tried to make it together. It turned out to be a very complex design (about 30 pieces) that I ended up making on my own and didn't really interest Lucas. From there, we went on to make very simple models together on paper and we came up with the possibility of offering them through a web page. This process is just beginning and in this current uncertainty generated by the COVID 19 pandemic, we have decided to start by giving away a first design to enable a quality activity to anyone who wants it, while we begin receiving feedback from anyone who wants to collaborate with us in this adventure.


Something that motivates us is the idea of ​​creating opportunities for sharing quality time while creating meaningful things. By instilling a culture of building things, we encourage creativity and open up a world of possibilities. In that way, we could teach our children that things are not packaged by magic, that there are processes and systems that allow us to obtain quality results and good taste, and by using our own hands, we could manufacture and create anything.